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Dating tales: The phantom pilot

The photo on his profile was cute and he said he was a pilot.  When he turned up I walked right passed him and was shocked when he introduced himself as he looked nothing like his photo.  It wasn’t that he had posted an old photo on the site of a younger looking him or […]

Dating tales: Short but not so sweet

In his online profile said he was 5 foot 8 tall and a non-smoker.  He was a graphic designer and into some of the similar bands as me so thought we would get on well.   In his photo he looked younger than his years too which was good as I look between 5-10 years younger […]

Dating tales: The Lost Soul

Well for quite a number of years now I have been compiling my tales of a single girl and after leaving a multitude of friends in stitches with my after dinner stories of dating disasters it’s about time they were published… So here’s the first anecdote for you and I really wish it was fiction…I […]

We are family!

Inspired by Mother’s day just around the corner I thought it was about time we explored single men’s attitudes towards their children on online dating sites; what that says about them based on when and how they speak about their family. If he’s a father and mentions how important his kids are to you either […]

​Man’s Best Friend

It is often said you can tell a lot about a person from the friends they keep, well you can tell even more about a man from the dog they choose  to own and how they care for it too! I have always lived by the rule not to trust anyone who says they hate […]