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Oh dear dating profiles: Oh Dear Naked Guy!

Well it’s been a while since my last oh dear dating profile so thought it was long overdue…  This particular one is for a guy who winked at me and it starts off really well with the ‘oh dear’ for me towards the end!  He might not be ideal for me but maybe for a […]

Why does Batman (like most good men) always go for the bad girls?

I’ve often wondered why good men always seem to be attracted towards bad girls and with the new Batman film Dark Knight Rises out in cinemas tomorrow I thought it fitting to discuss this now. I am friends with many wonderful men who are kind, clever and cute who always end up falling for bad […]

A Grave first date (part two…)

We arrived back at his flat and he suddenly realised he didn’t have a table so asked would I mind eating dinner on the couch with the plate on my lap.  He then poured me a drink in a Simpson’s branded pint pot.  We moved into his lounge and he asked did I want the […]

A Grave first date (part one…)

Let me set the scene…I had known Steve for several years as he was my parent’s gardener, very sexy (think Desperate Housewives!) and seemed a really nice guy.  We’d spoken many times over the years while he was working and in his spare time he volunteered for the Boy Scouts and coached special needs children […]

What is an acceptable first date?

What would you class an acceptable first date?  Answer one of the below   a)      Drinks? b)      Coffee? c)       Dinner? d)      Takeaway on a sofa while watching Casualty on telly? Yes I will not lie to you I have actually had a first date that was answer ‘d’ and it wasn’t when I was a […]

Is age really only a number?

I know I know for most of us girls we spend our teenage years trying to look older so we wear more makeup, tarty clothes, high heels, etc all in an effort to look more sophisticated to get into nightclubs and to get a boyfriend that has a car or if you’re anything like me […]

Patience is a virtue…I don’t have!

Well as you’ve probably read in my last blog I am now trying to date only relatively sane ‘normal’ men (if they really exist). Anyway this is proving to be more of a challenge then I thought because patience is a virtue I simply don’t have and you really need patience for the whole ‘will […]