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Singleton at a wedding alone = future hot wedding date (part 2)

This is part 2 of my earlier blog about how I met a hunky Italian rugby player Marco at my friend’s wedding overseas, a direct result of me having had the confidence to attend the wedding alone as a singleton. Our holiday/wedding fling became a whirlwind long distance romance and we rendezvoused in many European […]

Singleton at a wedding alone = future hot wedding date (part 1)

This blog post was inspired by a recent one written by fellow blogger @Singledatingdiv about weddings here’s the link to her recent post and here’s mine…. The wedding in question was a friends and it took place quite a few years ago overseas on a little Mediterranean island where she grew up.  Initially I was a […]

Oh Dear Dating Profiles…The Serial Killer?

Well I thought it was time for another Oh Dear Dating Profile.  I can’t believe what some people put in them.  Is this guy for real?  Here’s his profile… shootingstar83 A few words about me So anyway about me and whether or not I’m a serial killing misogynist you can take out to see your […]

A Terminated first date

I know it’s probably not a surprise to those of you who read my blog regularly but my first date ever was also a total disaster.  Here is the tale… The boy in question Mark had (according to his friends) a crush on me for 3 years of high school and I began to fancy […]

Embarrassing moments

A friend of mine reminded me of a date she had and allowed me to share her story… Normally if something embarrassing happens you can try and laugh it off, if you’re with the right people. However, on a first date you are more likely to want to move away to a different country if […]