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A thought for the weekend


Oh dear dating profiles – unfortunate snippets!

I know my regular ‘Oh dear dating profile’ posts amuse a great deal of people who simply can’t believe some of the things people use in order to try to attract a life partner and neither can I!  Some profiles aren’t really that extreme or hilarious they just have the occasional amusing anecdote or unfortunate […]


Life is too short for you to rely on someone else to make you happy.  First be happy with yourself and in your own skin before looking for someone else to share your life with.  Enjoy being single and you won’t then regret not being free in the future 🙂 Love Scarlett x

Something to remember this weekend…

Girls Dating Guide: Keep all your hobs bubbling…

I recently caught up with a single friend of mine about the woes of dating and the difference between men and women was subject of our conversation…for a change 😉 She thinks British women need to take inspiration from our American cousins and their take on dating.  Most British women once they start dating one […]

Advice for anyone suffering with a broken heart…

Wise words to remember for the weekend!