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Dating tales: Once a dickhead always a dickhead

Well I know they always say “Once a cheater always a cheater” but I think “once a dickhead always a dickhead” is much more apt. In my experience once I guy has a proven status of being an arsehole and messing a woman around he will continue to do so regardless of how much he […]

Remember someone somewhere is tired…

  This really cheered me up after becoming irritated by a friend of mine who wound me up and another friend pointed out that I won’t be the only one tired of his sh*t…   No matter how good he looks or how perfect he seems, someone somewhere is tired of his shit… Brilliant!

Must be true love…

One of my friends posted this on pinterest and I loved it so much I had to share with you all despite the typo ‘succeeded’.  Apologies for that one. There are over 7 trillion nerves in the human body and you have succeeded in getting on every single one of them!

Wise words: Do you want the fairy tale?

Hi ladies & gents Saw this quote and it’s so me!  It can be applied to so many of my friends too.  We don’t need a knight in shining armor to rescue us we can do that ourselves but a sweet boy in blue jeans would be great! Happy dating! I don’t need a knight […]

Girls Guide to Dating: 10 things a girl should do on a first date

As you know if you’ve read my last post a friend has just started dating again and she has asked me about the dos and don’ts on a first date.  For example she wasn’t sure if she should expect her date to pay on a first date and what the protocol for dating was.  It […]

Wise words: You didn’t love her

We don’t destroy the people we love.  Please remember this when a boyfriend or girlfriend completely destroys you in an argument or when an ex crawls back for a second chance…

Wise words: Don’t hold on