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Dating tales: Is there something in the water?

I don’t know what exactly is going on at the moment but it seems all my ex-boyfriends are suddenly reappearing in my life.  Italian rugby player3

Some are more welcome than others.  I had an impromptu instant messenger chat with my hunky ex-rugby playing Italian boyfriend and it was lovely to catch up with him.  If you missed hearing about him read more about our relationship here. I’m pleased to say that he is in a very happy relationship with a lovely girl who doesn’t look that dissimilar to me but she is Italian and content to become his house wife living with him in a tiny Italian village miles from anywhere (so not me!).  He’s a wonderful man and my favourite ex-boyfriend so I’m delighted he’s found someone.

Other ex-boyfriends of mine who have reappeared in my life in the past week are not as welcome…

Read more about these in my forthcoming blog posts –

Dating tales: Once a d*ckhead always a d*ckhead

Dating tales: Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water…my dating pool got dangerous again!



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