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Dating tales: The Masterchef – another oldie but goodie!

Here’s a popular story I posted over a year ago that got quite a few comments from readers so here it is again for any new blog fans to enjoy…

“I called into catch up with a good friend yesterday and she reminded me of a particularly amusing date I’d had a few years ago (well maybe more like 8 years ago – anyway who’s counting!).

I decided to post the tale for all to enjoy!

The guy in question I had met online and supposedly he was a chef who had run successful restaurants.  He liked good food and fine wine amongst other hobbies so sounded like a good match.

We chatted and we got on well.  He was a little egotistical telling me about how he had run Michelin starred restaurants all over the world.  However having dated and indeed worked with chefs in the past I knew the ability to run a successful kitchen and an inflated ego often went hand in hand just look at Gordon Ramsey or Jamie Oliver.

We met in a tapas restaurant for a bite to eat but first the wine list.  I fancied some Zinfandel and he said he loved white wine but wasn’t keen on red.  I pointed out Zinfandel was Rose; he argued that in fact it was white wine as it was pale and he should know as he was the expert! Image

The waitress said they were out of Zinfandel so I ordered a glass of Shiraz and he asked for the same.  I said that I thought he wasn’t keen on red and he said “oh no is it a red Shiraz”.  He proceeded to ask the waitress if they had any white Shiraz while I prayed for the ground to open up and swallow me as the waitress explained to him that they didn’t stock a white Shiraz (bless her she deserved an award for diplomacy ).  He wanted to know why not and asked to see a manager so he could complain about the poor selection.  I interjected to highlight to him that there was no such thing as a white Shiraz and that the waitress was merely being polite.

Before I left him alone in the tapas restaurant arguing about why they served such small portions; I decided to ask where he was currently working and he said he was ‘in between jobs at the moment’ – I wonder why?

Photo is by John Kasawa his portfolio is: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/view_photog.php?photogid=2436″


One comment on “Dating tales: The Masterchef – another oldie but goodie!

  1. So very sorry to burst the sisterhood bubble by letting you know this but…. Banrock station distribute White Shiraz ….and it’s not a bad drop. I wish I was wrong because the guy you we out on a date with sounds like a complete fucktard knuckle dragging sociopath!

    Fingers crossed you don’t get the awful delight of sharing his company again.

    Harper J

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