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Dating tales: The Phantom Pilot – a real oldie!

Well again back by popular demand here’s another dating tale for you as voted for by friends.. The Phantom Pilot The photo on his profile was cute and he said he was a pilot.  When he turned up I walked right passed him and was shocked when he introduced himself as he looked nothing like his […]

Dating tales: The Lost Soul – an oldie but a goodie!

Back by popular request here’s a classic dating tale for you; The Lost Soul “Well for quite a number of years now I have been compiling my tales of a single girl and after leaving a multitude of friends in stitches with my after dinner stories of dating disasters it’s about time they were published… […]

Dating tales: Is there something in the water?

I don’t know what exactly is going on at the moment but it seems all my ex-boyfriends are suddenly reappearing in my life.   Some are more welcome than others.  I had an impromptu instant messenger chat with my hunky ex-rugby playing Italian boyfriend and it was lovely to catch up with him.  If you […]

Dating tales: Hideous Kinky

Just like most horror films the plot of this dating tale started off calmly and seemed very normal. His dating profile seemed quite normal and he had a normal name Tim.  He was a teacher 39 years old, divorced one son aged 5 from that marriage… His photo seemed cute and he liked running marathons.  […]