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Wise words: from Jennifer Aniston herself

“You’re damned if you’re too thin and you’re damned if you’re too heavy. According to the press I’ve been both.  It’s impossible to satisfy everyone and I suggest we stop trying.” Jennifer Aniston our favourite single lady (well until she got engaged to Mr Theroux she was!)   Advertisements

Dating tales: The Masterchef – another oldie but goodie!

Here’s a popular story I posted over a year ago that got quite a few comments from readers so here it is again for any new blog fans to enjoy… “I called into catch up with a good friend yesterday and she reminded me of a particularly amusing date I’d had a few years ago […]

Wise words: Don’t let someone dim your light…


Dating tales: The Phantom Pilot – a real oldie!

Well again back by popular demand here’s another dating tale for you as voted for by friends.. The Phantom Pilot The photo on his profile was cute and he said he was a pilot.  When he turned up I walked right passed him and was shocked when he introduced himself as he looked nothing like his […]

Dating tales: The Lost Soul – an oldie but a goodie!

Back by popular request here’s a classic dating tale for you; The Lost Soul “Well for quite a number of years now I have been compiling my tales of a single girl and after leaving a multitude of friends in stitches with my after dinner stories of dating disasters it’s about time they were published… […]

Single Girls Guide to Dating: Online Dating Men Translated

I got chatting to a friend of mine the other day who said I should re-post some of her favourite blog posts so my new readers can enjoy them without having to scroll too much so here’s one below that proved to be popular and got lots of laughs… “Okay I apologise to my best […]

Wise words: Love a bad man…

  Unfortunately for me it was more than twice but now I’m in love with a very good one and extremely thankful! Stay tuned daters and I’ll tell you  all soon xxx