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Single Girls Guide to Dating: The First Date

Congratulations so you got through the messaging, emailing and phone calls without either of you being put off by the other.  Now you get to meet face to face.  For some people a first date is terrifying and they think of them in a similar vein as an interview.  Some girls will only chat to […]

Single Girls Guide to Online dating sites: Detecting the lies

Embrace google and social media they are now your best friends, if you want to check that a guy you’ve met online dating is genuine. Pray, like the majority of people who aren’t IT savvy, he is on facebook with security levels at a minimum so you can find him on there easily to rifle […]

Single Girls Guide to Online dating sites: Reading between the lines

When sifting through different online profiles it is important to try to read between the lines to try to decipher the real meaning behind who someone is, exactly what they are looking for and if they aren’t being 100% truthful.  Here are a few of our observations; If he can’t spell the word engineer then […]

Single Girls Guide to Online dating sites: What a photo can reveal?

They say a picture can paint a thousand words and although they say not to judge a book by its cover there are certain things you can interpret from the type of photo a guy decides to post on his online dating profile.  Here are just some of our experiences and observations over the years… […]

Single Girls Guide to Online dating sites: Clues from their choice of opening line or slogan

There are lots of initial hints to a guys personality and character from his opening line or slogan. Here are just some we have experienced along with our observations… ‘I am a good looking, interesting & clever man’ then he is certainly not modest, probably has a big ego and clearly finds himself interesting so […]

Single Girls Guide to Online dating sites: What a profile name can tell you?

At this time of the year online dating sites are at their busiest so it’s important to be able to sift through the merchandise as quickly as you can weeding out those you aren’t interested in and selecting those you fancy.  Think of it as online shopping with men instead of shoes and like in […]

New Year new man?

Well ladies it’s that time of year when resolutions have been set; many of these are to do with relationships.  Some people propose marriage, split from unhappy relationships, start affairs or vow to find the partner of their dreams in 2012! This is the time of year when dating websites have a surge of new members […]