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Dating tales: It’s true sometimes bad date = fate

A friend of mine gave me permission to tell her story to illustrate that sometimes bad dates can result in good things. My friend Jenny met Jack on-line and he seemed like a really good guy.  He said he was 35 years old but only appeared about 25 in his photos and had a great […]

Funny quotes

“That crazy b*stard is looking at quirky in the rear view mirror.” Howard from The Big Bang Theory When does quirky turn into crazy? Discuss…

Oh dear dating profiles – Exhibit one

I was chatting to a friend about online dating yesterday and she was saying how shocked she was at some of the men’s profiles on there.  How horrendously they were written or how they clearly didn’t do them any justice.  I thought I’d start a new regular posting theme on here where I showcase some […]

Dating tales: Ash cloud crazy

This is an oldie as you can tell from the ash cloud reference but a friend persuaded me to post it on to my blog so here goes… I met this guy online and he seemed a well-balanced, well-travelled individual so I thought we’d get on well.  We discussed a mutual love of travel and […]

One Hundred Easy Ways to Loose a Man

Has anyone seen the musical ‘It’s a Wonderful Town’?  Well I did recently with some friends and I have to say there’s a song in the show that will resonate with single girls everywhere! The lyrics go as follows…  One Hundred Easy Ways  The first way to lose a man You’ve met a charming fellow […]

Dating tales: Pinocchio the Charm School Drop Out

We met and chatted on-line then spoke on phone.  He explained he used to run a consultancy firm in London but moved it up to Manchester when the recession hit.  He now had clients in Birmingham which meant he had to commute for meetings.  We arranged to meet in a local pub and he was […]

Inspirational quotes

Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm – Winston Churchill  My love life is clearly a raging success – who’d have thought it? Photo courtesy of wikipedia