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Is it easier to date a nutcase?

I know I have written a lot about my disastrous dating life of late and the nutcases I have met along the way but what happens when I am suddenly in the position of dating a more ‘normal’ man. I am so used to the fruit loops and men with mental health problems that I’ve […]

Will you marry me? – via facebook?

When I was 8, my uncle introduced me to his girlfriend, when they got engaged we went to meet her family. This is where I meet the coolest guy ever, Adrian! He was 13 and so unbelievably good-looking. We spent that summer together, granted I was spending more time with his brothers, as they were […]

Worst pick-up lines ever?

It seems as if I have a sign on my forehead saying: “if you’re crazy please approach”. I know I’m single but I’ve got self-respect and sometimes I wonder if other people have any self-respect, or even just respect for other people. I’m a sucker for romance and everything, but I’m also a realist and […]

Dating Horrors 2…

So on my first ever date I wasn’t actually aware I was on a date at the time and on this my second one I was actually aware of being on a  date – improvement! (Slight). He called me up the day before to make plans to meet by the train station and he would […]

Dating Horrors…

Dating… ahhh the thing I dread the most in life. Maybe it’s because I’ve never had a successful date or maybe because it seems like  every guy I meet is “special” – not special in a good way, just special. I’m sure you’re thinking, it can’t be that bad. Well let me talk you through […]

Online dating tales: the best bits

Most single people who have done online dating will have sifted through lots of profiles that all seem to say the same things.  “I like eating out and eating in”, “Enjoy the cinema and DVDs on the couch”, “Love cosy pubs in the summer”, etc. I thought I’d post a few quotes from the few […]

Online Dating Tales: Scary first messages

Anyone who has attempted internet dating will have had at least one or two dodgy first messages perhaps suggestive ones, antagonistic ones (who on earth knows why when the aim is dating!?!) or just pathetic ones which only consisted of “hiya” or “hey”. Occasionally girls have received really disturbing messages and some funny ones too […]